The Four-year-old (PreK) class is designed to build on previous preschool and other learning experiences and to prepare the child for kindergarten. Our basic goal is to have an atmosphere of caring and sharing among class members and teachers. Four-year-olds are very peer-conscious and anxious to make friendships. We aim for happy days while learning together.


Emotional Development

  • We encourage a positive accepting attitude in the children.
  • Self-control and independence are developed with a positive approach.
  • Developing a feeling of security and positive self-confidence will be a goal.


Social Development

  • Playing and sharing well and learning to respect the rights of others is the basic goal.
  • Students are encouraged to share responsibilities and follow adult supervision without resentment.
  • We hope all will be accepted within the group and allowed to be both leaders and followers.


Intellectual Development

  • Students are encouraged to listen attentively and speak clearly.
  • Attention spans are lengthened, vocabularies expanded and originality encouraged.
  • Conceptual skills such as recognizing colors, shapes, sizes, likenesses and differences, alphabet letters, numbers and working from left to right are taught.
  • Children are encouraged to recognize and eventually print their own name.


Physical Development

  • Active play will encourage use of large muscles in running, climbing, skipping, jumping, catching, bouncing, and throwing a ball, pumping swings, and riding toys.
  • Quiet activities will encourage use of small muscles in proper grip of pencil or crayon, cutting on a line with scissors, gluing and printing neatly.
  • Fours are expected to dress themselves and carry their own bags.
  • Students MUST be potty trained and require minimal assistance in the bathroom.

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