3 Year Old

Three-year-olds are excited to discover the world around them and are naturally eager learners. They are testing boundaries as they become “big kids” and are beginning to be socially aware of the world and their place in it. Our objectives in the three’s class cover emotional, social, intellectual and physical development.


Emotional Development

  • exhibiting self control and self confidence
  • developing independence
  • developing inner resources that enable one to enjoy time spent alone
  • having fun and being happy


Social Development

  • sharing and taking turns
  • leadership abilities
  • being cooperative
  • the ability to make friends
  • learning and following rules to organized games
  • developing a sense of humor
  • willingness to try new things
  • using appropriate table and social manners
  • playing and working happily in an environment where limits are set
  • engaging in dramatic play
  • using time constructively


Intellectual Development

  • expressive and receptive language
  • problem solving skills
  • conceptual skills – colors, shapes, counting order, sizes sequencing, likenesses and differences, recognizing own name, a beginning understanding of letters and their sounds, etc.
  • sitting quietly at rug time, listening for directions and information
  • lengthening of attention span
  • using age appropriate manipulatives with ease
  • attending to tasks
  • willingness to work and working with accuracy
  • taking care of/using materials and equipment appropriately
  • learning and singing songs
  • enjoyment of art media


Physical Development

  • climbing, hanging, running, jumping, and pumping a swing
  • balance, agility and strength
  • pencil and crayon grip and control
  • cutting on lines with scissors
  • dressing self
  • stamina and the ability to relax
  • practicing good health habits/hygiene


If some of the objectives sound “heavy”, please be assured that all of this growing will take place in an atmosphere of love and happy experiences. We strive for each child’s personal success, as we build good self-esteem. A child who develops a positive self-concept will be a happy, constructive adult.

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