2 Year Old

The philosophy and emphasis of our two-year-old class curriculum is first and foremost the encouragement of the following positive self concepts:

Creativity: blocks, dramatic play, story time, listening and writing, sharing ideas, free art

Altruism: modeling each other and teachers

Language development: songs, stories, listening, sharing, one to one experiences, finger play, games

Positive self-esteem: physical contact, eye contact, confidence, self worth, pride in accomplishments such as art work, projects, free play etc.

Social development: appropriate communication using words instead of physical displays of frustration


The basis of everything the children do in the classroom, including how they learn and what they learn, is play. Play is children’s work, and it is the single most significant way in which the child learns.

Through play, the two year old will:

• Discover self

• Learn to cope with new situations

• Learn to get along with others

• Explore and experiment

• Learn to focus attention

• Develop concepts

• Test ideas

• Learn about the world

• Learn about society’s expectations

Two-year-olds will begin to recognize sizes, colors, shapes, and his/her name. They will also be able to take directions, focus attention, develop listening skills, cut with scissors, and work with glue.

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