Each class has a daily schedule so that children know what to expect. Age appropriate themes are the basis for each class’s curriculum. Room decorations, art projects, music, finger plays, stories, conversations etc. are designed around these themes to enhance learning. This helps the child focus on a subject or concept.

At Starmount we understand that children function best with a solid routine!

You will receive a handout from your child’s teacher each month describing the month’s themes, events and field trips (2’s – PreK classes). Please read it carefully, save it, and post dates on your calendar. Each class has a bulletin board outside the classroom where Information and sign-up sheets will be posted. Director Cindy Lee sends out The Weekly Star, a weekly e-blast newsletter, to remind parents about important dates, policies, and update them on the upcoming week’s themes and learning opportunities.

**NOTE: Each teacher will go over her classroom routine, class schedule, and overview of units during our Parent Open House Night at the beginning of each school year. If you have any questions throughout the year, you are more than welcome to contact your child’s teacher or Ms. Cindy.

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