Ten reasons why WE ALL love Starmount Preschool…

1. Our teaching staff has 120 years combined teaching experience.

2. We have been serving the Greensboro community for 54 years.

3. PreK student graduates test above the Kindergarten standard.

4. Availability of enrichment activities and early drop-off play.

5. Certified lead teachers in upper grades.

6. We put kids and families first.

7. Our staff LOVES our kids, and loves teaching them!

8. Children learn to read, do math, and express themselves–all through play.

9. We have a diverse student body.

10. Starmount meets every kid where they are and encourages them to be their best!


“I’m a true Starmount Preschool fan. Let me tell you why. There were no gimmicks or tricks to get me to register my children there. Only the promise of care, learning, and inclusion. My daughter started at Starmount when she was 2. The education she received has been super apparent to us as well as others around her. Abby has gone into Kindergarten reading on a first grade level. Her science skills are phenomenal, math is a breeze, and being social and expressing herself is an everyday occurrence!

“Without Starmount, I’m pretty sure she would be leaps and bounds behind her classmates. She still talks about Starmount and asks every week if they will be having chapel. That’s love! My son is now at Starmount also, and I look forward to him having the same amazing experience.”


“They say it takes a village to raise children, but finding that village can be difficult. When my husband and I enrolled our 1-year-old twin girls at Starmount Preschool one morning per week, we were nervous and anxious, just like most parents would be. Our anxiety faded when we entered what we still affectionately refer to as “the Starmount love bubble.” Our girls are now in the pre-K class. The love that has surrounded them every minute of every day at Starmount Preschool is indescribable. The Starmount Preschool “village” is full of love for my children and for God. It’s easy to feel good about that as a parent.

“Starmount Preschool isn’t all just about love though. It offers accelerated learning for our girls, who like all children are eager to learn whatever someone is willing to teach them. At almost 5 they are well on their way to reading full sentences because of what they have learned at preschool. My husband and I are truly amazed by how much and how quickly our girls and the other students at Starmount have learned.

“Our girls have to go to Kindergarten next year. I am devastated that they have to leave the love bubble of Starmount. I will survive though because I know the love and education my girls received at Starmount has prepared them for it, and I am beyond grateful for that.”


We have been a Starmount Preschool family for 10 years! All three of our children have had a wonderfully enriching experience at Starmount and have been blessed to share many of the same outstanding teachers over the years. The learning environment provided by the teachers at Starmount is just exceptional! By the time our oldest children entered kindergarten, they were reading independently– an achievement I didn’t even think was possible at that age! But most importantly to us is that our children have developed a genuine love of learning– thanks in great part to Starmount’s nurturing environment and AWESOME teachers. We couldn’t be happier with our time at Starmount!

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